Hail Damaged Roof

Just a small hail storm can cause serious damage.

Don't wait for an inspection - call Good Day Enterprises to determine if your roof and shingles have hail damage.

Preventing leaks after a storm requires spotting the damage immediately.

We have our team ready to check your home:

  • We check your home’s exterior for damage, including dimples or dents in siding (a common form of hail damage).
  • There can also be leaks in the attic, and water damage on the ceilings.
  • We inspect the ground for pieces of roof shingles. This may mean your roof has sustained damage.
  • Visually inspect exterior exhaust fans, ducts and the area where your home’s siding meets the roof.

We are here to protect your home and can even help file your insurance claim documents.

When to Check for Hail Damage

Repair Hail Damage by Calling Good Day Enterprises

Many residents wait for a leak to tell them if they have hail damaged roofing.

This is not the optimal way to handle your home maintenance, as weeks or months later you can experience long-term damage not detected immediately.

Examples of long-term damage can be raised shingles, long-standing water, ceiling stains, ruined rafters, and mold buildup.

Avoid extra issues that can arise from leaving roofs un-inspected soon after hail storms.

Benefits to choosing Good Day Enterprises for Roofing:

  • After hail damage, a leak or incorrect installation, we can restore your roof to its undamaged state.
  • We handle contact with your insurance company to discuss the roofing claim and requirements.
  • Good Day Enterprises is recognized as a leading construction and remodeling company for restoring and repairing roofs in the San Antonio area.
  • Our company is licensed and insured, so you can maintain peace of mind during our working hours.

Hail, Leaks & Previous Improper Repairs Can Be Made Right