Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing done carefully to revitalize and prep. We wash siding to prepare it for painting. This is an important step not to be skipped when hiring a painter.

Is your paint still in good condition, but just needs dirt removed? We can help.

  • A good power washer can erase years of grime and dirt from a home and greatly add to its curb appeal and home value.
  • Professional machines offer the ability to switch over the nozzles required and we carry an excellent sized power washing task.
  • We use experts that know how to keep adjusting the spray depending on what areas we are cleaning.
  • For the toughest stains we used a narrow spray, but for general cleaning, the wider spray works best and is easier on your brick work.
  • We also provide pressure washing of your driveway and cement walkways to remove grime and dirt.
  • The GPM of pressure washers refers to gallons per minute, or how much water a machine can spray at one time. Cleaning a surface, such as long exterior walls or extensive decks, with low GPM will make the job take far longer than it should. The larger your house or deck, the more GPM we bring to the project.
  • How Often Should You Power Wash your House? This depends on weathering and residual instances, but every year is a good starting point. Stormy weather will deposit rain residue, dust, and other debris on a home’s exterior walls. Pay attention to when you see etching and scratching along brick and siding build up. This means storms and debris are likely causing more damage from wet leaves, silt and other grime.

Contact us to refresh the outside look of your home and increase your curb appeal instantly.

Power Washing in San Antonio
Power Washing in San Antonio



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