Exterior Painting

San Antonio Exterior Painting

Good Day Enterprises believes in preparation techniques for the long run adds years to an exterior paint job—including cleaning, scraping, filling, caulking and priming. You save time and money when the job is done correctly.

How is an exterior painting project done correctly?

Our attention to good preparation means less painting

San Antonio Exterior Painting Experts
San Antonio Exterior Painting Experts

Pressure washers clean deep and fast before paint is applied

Keeping our paint scrapers sharp peels off old paint smoothly

We fill large gouges before priming

Sanding the ridges is an important step before painting

Using a stain-blocking primer covers an old or previous paint and adds durability

We caulk cracks to keep out the moisture from rain and weather elements

You can rely on our exterior painters. No need for you to have your garage stocked for the next exterior painting project… you can rely on our construction and remodeling company to show up with the right tools and leave your home enhanced and new again.