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We specialize in kitchen and bath design and our clients appreciate the creative use of materials that transform rooms from regular spaces into functional works of art.

Our custom work will serve to please the eye and create functionality. 


New appliances? We also install appliances and prepare your kitchen for major appliance space and electrical requirements.

Electrical Work

Every house is different and you may need a circuit added to run a new appliance. Upgrading electrical wiring is a big job, for one simple reason: All the wires are behind the walls. You likely don't need to rewire the whole house. For a whole-house rewiring job we have our network of expert electricians. The majority of that is the labor involved to get to the wires, run new ones, connect them to every switch and outlet, close up the holes, and clean up the mess.

When needed, the easiest time to tackle electric rewiring work is during a larger remodeling project, such as redoing a kitchen or building an addition, when contractors are knocking holes in the walls anyway. That speeds the process, which can take anywhere from five days to two weeks for an entire house. In those situations, the expense and disruption is reduced.

Custom Cabinets

For cabinets that need replacement, we can provide a good estimate after measuring your existing installation area. If you prefer the greater functionality and personalized look of custom cabinets, that is one of our specialties. Just need refinish or a repaint? We can provide that option as well.


When countertops become warn, have stains and chipped areas, you are likely to gain more out of a new set. We also offer repair if necessary and can guide you through the selection process for replacement color and medium.

Granite, marble, quartz, laminate, wood, stainless steel, travertine, and tile are among the mediums we work with.

Sinks & Garbage Disposals

Making sure the grime and leftovers from food preparation are disposed of properly down the sink reduces plumbing problems. We can remove a broken garbage disposal and replace it. If your sink has become corroded or needs replacing or a new look, contact us for a review of your needs.

Kitchen Islands

Besides a place for food service and preparation, a kitchen island can be a gathering place, cocktail area or even a study spot. Creating an inviting space that serves the family well is part of our consideration. Determine the best center area in your kitchen by calling 210-632-8560