Roof Need Repair or Replacement?

We specialize in dealing with your insurance carrier to simplify your roof repair or replacement process.

Roof Repair or Replacement
Replacing your roof or adding a new one doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Younger roofs - less than 5 years old - tend to be in good shape.If yours is older, there's a good possibility replacement will soon be needed. Inspect your roof once a year using binoculars from the easiest places to view from the ground. Please avoid using a ladder to get on the roof!Look for areas that show indications that your roofing may not be in good shape.


Here are a few tips:

SHINGLES. Look for shingles that are lifted up, cracked or missing, with curled edges, or with smooth dark areas. You may also check your roof through the attic. Inspect the underside of any chimney and the stack vent. If you see smaller pinhole spots of light, this may indicate the flashing is worn and your roof may need further evaluation.
LEAKS. Water leaks tend to be the main natural cause for roofs that needs repair or replacement.
Whether your home maintenance is driven by a current or long-standing roof problem you can be assured of the quality work Good Day Enterprises provides. We are experienced in flat, gable, steep, hip, pitch roofing and different roofing materials.


The underlayment to protect the valleys in a roof from leaking is important. We install a better underlayment under the rhino brand versus using tar paper. This has bullseye points for nails and ensures correct spacing.

COMPOSITION. Our experience includes modified roofing for a flat roof and we specialize in asphalt and shingled roofing compositions. Roofing materials differ in their composition and can be upgraded for weight, durability, maintenance, corrosion resistance, low thermal movement, protection from lightning, shielding, and recyclability.


Do you have questions about your roof or need someone who can work with your home insurance carrier?

 if you suspect your roof needs repair or replacing.