Room Addition

We determine the viability of adding a new room addition or level to your existing home.

Our knowledge of the engineering and architecture required to make a beautiful and safe new area in your home is part of our service.

We make the process of room additions to your home smoother and affordable.

House additions can arrive in many forms, be many different sizes, and address many different functions. You can build out, up, down, or any other direction from the existing home structure. We have compiled some of the basics that you need to know before you begin your house addition.

House Addition Plans
You might live on a thousand acre ranch, but most of us have a finite amount of space, and we are constantly trying to maximize what little of it we have.

1. Consider all the ways in which you can expand the ground floor. Whether you are thinking of selling soon, later, or never, it’s a wise idea to add extra space to the ground floor because as you age, you may be less able to climb the stairs. If you have a single level home, room additions are a great way to generate breathing room.

2. Realize that this house addition will consume part of your yard and change the shape of your home and yard layout. Most room additions are toward the back of the house, so most likely the look of your home from the street will not change. If you have a large yard and can spare several feet of it, this is a great use of space.

3. If your yard is small we can evaluate property lines, including vertical property lines. Also, if you have a really small yard, and your planned room addition will leave you with less yard space, we consider how to use the back yard and get a little more spacious addition.

Second Story Room Additions
Another expertise we have is in building up. Second story additions have to account for the weather since a portion of the roof will be open for a small amount of time. This is a great addition for a master bathroom or for extra bedrooms if more children are on the way. Depending on the situation, building up can sometimes be less expensive per square foot than building out considering foundation. This is not always the case, however, so be sure to consult with us early in the process so that your course is properly guided.

Hidden Costs for Room Additions
A room addition can be part of your typical day-to-day budget. You will need a little more heat and air conditioning during certain times of the year (excepting sunrooms, which are typically warmer than other parts of the house), you might consider coordination of space to other rooms to match the addition, and your furniture can be coordinated to function well to the added space. See ways to budget for additions.

We also consider the changes to your home and affects after the house addition is complete. These changes are how the process through Good Day Enterprises is effective and functional.

The Best Advice
The very best most basic advice about house additions is to be in touch with us as early on in the process as you can. We coordinate work with our builders, contractors, architects and any other sub contractor whose knowledge you need. We advise you to secure financing and plan with us if your house addition is a long ways from breaking ground.

Call Good Day Enterprises to begin the Room Addition Planning!

Room Additions in San Antonio