Our Cabinet Staining

Providing the right palette for staining wood requires color selection and coordination.

Whether there are dark or light wood stains, the attention to preparation along with layers and rendered items with grain are important

Cabinet Restained
Good Day Enterprises specializes in custom cabinetry and carpentry needed for your everyday living space. Custom cabinet staining. The cabinets pictured show the BEFORE of a customer’s attempt to strip, stain and polyurethane kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately in their process the stain was done incorrectly. They called Good Day to finish what was started, which is shown in the AFTER.

details. Staining kitchen cabinets differ depending on the cabinet material, original stain or original paint used, and condition of the cabinets.

When you are considering whether or not to replace or refinish your cabinets, pay attention to the process a company takes.

The right preparation and process of staining is a direct correlation to the professional work a remodeler can provide. Sanding prior to application and to the depth required reveals a new and prepped surface. Staining into the pores of the wood, along with the direction of application creates the texture and prevents future bubbling.

Good Day Enterprises knows how to combine the stain with a polyurethane finish to protect the wood.

Our company strives to balance the practices of cabinet restoration with the quality and coordination of an existing room’s finishes.

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